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Pambansang Federation ng Gamefowl Breeders - Digmaan

Honor Roll of Champions

PFGB Digmaan 11-Stag Derby 2018
SUPER CAILE: Marc Cruz / Rhona Bullecer (MCRBC) - 11pts
RRZD: Riche Obordo (BACAZ) - 11pts
BRAVO: Thomas Pua Jr. (GFBAR2) - 11pts

PFGB Digmaan 11-Stag Derby 2017
RJP JAHSH AAA: Ronan Palalisan (DUGBA) - 11pts
Princess Oprah OCT.20 5-Stag LCA: 11pts

PFGB Digmaan-Barkadahan 11-Stag Derby 2016
Timber Creek: Diaz Brothers (Basilan) - 11pts
NML San Luis: Tony Lasala (Batangas) - 11pts
Napilas 7: Vic Lacsao / John and Henry Hinolan / Raymond Eslawa / Anthony and Ronnie Mondragon / Kim Labaste / Melvin Oliveros (Negros) - 11pts
Blue Star: A. Burgos / Bongbong Dayo / BMB (Iloilo) - 11pts
Phoenix White Ears: Zimmy Zapanta (National) - 11pts

10-Stag Derby 2014
LAC 07 RLN GAMEFARM: Jerry Castro - 10pts

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