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National Cockers Alliance

Honor Roll of Champions

NCA Cocker Of the Year 2018
Jade Red LDI: Arman Santos / RED

NCA International 9-Cock Derby (May)
AA Winstar: Gov. Edward Plaza / Elwin Javelosa

2016 - Stag Breeder of the Year
PS Hot City: Pipo Soliman / Vic Yap / Custer Tiu

2016 - Cocker of the Year
Gold Quest Champions: Josefina "Osang" dela Cruz

NCA International 8-Cock Derby (June)
PS Govic Hot City Tarlac 5-Stag September 25: 7pts

110k Pot Money 7-Stag Derby Big Event
Phoenix: Ronald Barandino - 7pts

2014 - Stag Fighter of the Year
419 Tose Oct 7 6-Stag NCA: Edwin Tose

2014 - May 8-Cock International Derby
AA Jade Resort: Arman Santos

2014 - January 8-Cock International Derby
BM SkyLark Feb 3 5 Cock Pasay TR: Teng Ranola / Boy Martinez - 7.5pts

2013 - January 8-Cock International Derby
GoldQuest: Osang dela Cruz - 7pts
JV Estrada 2013: Allan Chan - 7pts
CPB-AAO: Cong. Claude Bautista - 7pts

2012 Big Event 7-Stag Derby 110K Pot
AAO Hitcock: Gerry Ramos - 7pts

2012 Stag Fighter of the Year
N.I. Armen: Newton Isaac / Arnold Mendoza

2012 - June 6-Cock Big Event 220K Pot
Firefly: Ernie Austria / Jun Santiago - 6pts

2012 - May 8-Cock World Championship
CPB JGT AAO: Cong. Claude Bautista - 7pts
Ibaan: Ramon Mancenares - 7pts
SJC 8-Cock Invitational Derby June 13-16-20: Bong Pineda - 7pts

2012 - January 8-Cock World Championship
Tiffany and AMA: JV Magsaysay, Joel & Danny Teves - 6.5pts

2011 Stag Fighter of the Year
MBJ: Mayor Boyet Joson

2011 Cocker of the Year
Arman Santos

2011 - June 6-Cock Big Event 220K Pot
A.A.O.A.A.: Atong Ang - 5pts
BJ: Boy Jiao - 5pts
JOEI GO Oct 2 6-Stag/55K-1: Bebot Roxas / Atty. Jun Mendoza - 5pts

2011 - May 8-Cock World Championship
GE Jimafer: Gerry Escalona - 6.5pts
JAC Marinduque B-Day June 17 5-Cock Pasay: Gov. Bong Carreon - 6.5pts

2011 - January 8-Cock World Championship
Unica Hija: Jhonny Jalandoni - 6.5pts

2010 Cocker of the Year
James Uy

2010 - May 8-Cock World Championship
Tiffany 4-cock July 15 BSA: Danny Teves

2010 - January 8-Cock World Championship
AS Knight Swak na Swak JU: James Uy - 7pts

2009 Stag Fighter of the Year
Elmer Nepomuceno

2009 Cocker of the Year
Patrick Antonio

2009 - May
Scorpio: Ricky Valencia - 8pts

2008 Cocker of the Year
Red Creek II: Arnold Mendoza / Iggy Arroyo

2008 - June
Scorpio: Ricky Valencia - 7pts

2008 - January
BL Agilawin: Boy Lechon - 7pts

2007 JP Cherokee Red Creek: Jesry Palmares / Bill McNatt / Iggy Arroyo - 7pts

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