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Araw ng Davao Derby

Honor Roll of Champions

6-Cock 2017
HR-Iron-TN RBF: Jun Lao / JNS / Tipudan / Tata - 6pts
BD King Pegasus: Mario Gonzaga - 6pts
Two - Raffy Blackwater: Nene Abello - 6pts
New Sayap Gal: Kating Gordez / Bebot Agustin - 6pts
DD RC LNT Mandirigma: Mike Baucan / Jan Jan - 6pts

6-Cock 2016
CPB AAO: Claude Bautista - 6pts
Apache Light: Dr. Bitoy / Raffy - 6pts
Longscore / USA: Celso Evangelista - 6pts
LGN: Lino Nicholas - 6pts
Divine Mercy: M. Cerbitas - 6pts
HTG Heritage: Engr. Francis Celis - 6pts
JFAP Ormoc: Engr. Boyet Pepito - 6pts

6-Cock 2015
Red River Farm: Edil Richa - 6pts
Jogues E5: Gov. Eddie Bong Plaza - 6pts
RJRD Marco: Leo Guerra / Rene Taba / Jomar - 6pts

6-Cock 2014
UFCC April 3 EP RoosterVille Big Event: Gov. Eddie Bong Plaza - 6pts
Metal Lite Ranger: Bobong Pacifico - 6pts

6-Cock 2013
RBC Coliseum Thiabex XS: R. Castillo / A. Que - 6pts
Amenic: Giovanni Ong / Perlo Astillo / Dongdong Ong / Victor Sierra - 6pts

6-Cock 2012
Trixie: Joji Tiu - 6pts

6-Cock 2011
CPB Wrangler: Claude Bautista - 6pts

6-Cock 2010
B-Warriors: Dr. Ruel Manungas - 6pts
Cong. Codilla - 6pts
James Ang - 6pts

6-Cock 2009
DGM Southern Leyte: Gov. Damian Mercado - 5.5pts

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SABONG is not a question of how much money you can bet on your ace cock, or how much money you can win in a derby or a fight. But rather it is a question of how much money are you willing to loose and still sleep soundly at night. So remember to always bet wisely. Bet with your mind not with your heart.